We Are More than the Sum of Our Parties May 22, 2014

 Kinky Salon is not unique. There was a rich lineage of creative, free-thinking cultural pioneers who combined community, art, and sexuality, and they led the way to this point in history. But one aspect that does make our time different is the technology we have at our fingertips. With photo/doc sharing and apps like Skype we can collaborate with teams all over the planet replicate the experience of a Kinky Salon.

The Kinky Salon family is growing. I’m working with the global teams to upgrade the application process and create new training materials. If everything goes according to plan, this experience of community, connection, and liberation is going to become available to more and more people.

An Excerpt from the Book

Perhaps there are some people who think that shame is a good thing, that it’s society’s way of keeping people in check, or evenimages (4) God’s way of communicating the wrongness of things.

Temptation is the devil causing us to stray from the path of righteousness, and shame is the signpost that leads us back to God. Humans are adept at creating mythic structures to reinforce cultural standards. The development of religion and belief systems is a universal human trait. I’m not knocking people’s beliefs—I support religious freedom—but I am fascinated that the development of these ideas fit so neatly with the cultural history of our morality.

Say What?

I’m not going to be the only one who will read Polly’s memoir again and again – no one will tell a story like hers, ever.

Violet Blue, www.tinynibbles.com 

Call for Participation

I’m creating a video to help promote the book and the global Kinky Salons. You can participate from your home with your webcam.  We’ll ask you to read something to the camera. Then we have a bunch of silly things we want you to do. Make a heart shape with your hands, show us your underwear. Stuff like that. Then we’ll edit them all together into a super inspiring sex culture manifesto which communicates the ethos of Kinky Salon, and our ridiculous sense of humor.Shoot me an email and let me know if you want to take part in this fun poject, and help us reach new audiences. All shapes, sizes, colors and genders welcome.

On the interwebs

I’ll leave you with this thought–no man is worth spraying lysol in your twat… ouch! 





We Are More than the Sum of Our Parties

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Polly Whittaker is a 21st century sex culture revolutionary. She has dedicated her life to sexually progressive community, as an acclaimed latex fashion designer, a creator of arty, sexy parties, and a spokesperson for sex culture. Born in London, England, in 1974, she is the daughter of a hot air balloon pilot and a sex therapist. She relocated to San Francisco—home of the sexual revolution—in 1999. Her award-winning event, Kinky Salon, takes place in a dozen cities across Europe and North America. She recently joined forces with Christopher Ryan, Author of NYT Bestselling Book Sex at Dawn to create Kotango.com—a social network for global sex culture.

We Are More than the Sum of Our Parties May 22, 2014