The Proof Is in the Pudding June 6, 2014

Exciting news! I received the proof of my book yesterday! Misha brought a bottle of champagne over to my house and sat with me waiting for the UPS delivery guy. (Thanks, Misha.) When it arrived I kept saying, “It looks like a book.” It was very strange to hold it in my hands and flip through the pages.
I also got the ebook file finalized, so I sent that out to the Kickstarter pledgers and over a hundred people have already downloaded it.
Over the last two weeks I’ve been travelling around meeting with teams from three different Kinky Salon cities: New Orleans, New York and Portland. I’m not just buttering their buns when I say all three teams f**kin rock. Like a reflection of each town, they have their own personalities. New Orleans is laid back and creative, New York is well organized and hip, and Portland is heartfelt and easy going. The connections that were made on this trip, not just with me but across the teams in different cities, more than ever make this venture feel like a family.

An Excerpt from the Book

“Wearing a gender-ambiguous ensemble with a penciled-on mustache, she demonstrated her motorboating skills on a topless images (6)apprentice. She was quite the expert. She removed her fedora hat, then lifted and separated the breasts in front of her. Placing her face between them, she blew out a loud, “PPHHHFFFFFFTTT,” moving her head from side to side. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Most people’s attempts ended with a quiet “pfhh.” Nikki didn’t mind showing them again. Uproarious laughter followed each try. She even demonstrated on men, grabbing their pecs and squeezing them together to make a crease, proving that breast size has nothing to do with a good motorboat. Each cleavage, whether male or female, was left with a streak of lipstick, glitter, and a smudge of mustache.”

Say What?

“Brilliant and boisterous, earnest and perverse, Polly Superstar is the kind of one of a kind that changes the game.” — Erik Davis, author of Nomad Codes: Adventures in Modern Esoterica

Call for Participation

I’m creating a video to help promote the book and the global Kinky Salons. You can participate from your home with your webcam. We’ll ask you to read something to the camera. Then we have a bunch of silly things we want you to do. Make a heart shape with your hands, show us your underwear. Stuff like that. Then we’ll edit them all together into a super inspiring sex culture manifesto which communicates the ethos of Kinky Salon, and our ridiculous sense of humor.
Shoot me an email and let me know if you want to take part in this fun poject, and help us reach new audiences. All shapes, sizes, colors and genders welcome.

On the interwebs

This week I want to give a shout out to LACI GREEN. She’s reaching huge audiences bringing amazing wisdom to the interwebs, and particularly to young people. Check out her latest video on feminism.



The Proof Is in the Pudding

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Polly Whittaker is a 21st century sex culture revolutionary. She has dedicated her life to sexually progressive community, as an acclaimed latex fashion designer, a creator of arty, sexy parties, and a spokesperson for sex culture. Born in London, England, in 1974, she is the daughter of a hot air balloon pilot and a sex therapist. She relocated to San Francisco—home of the sexual revolution—in 1999. Her award-winning event, Kinky Salon, takes place in a dozen cities across Europe and North America. She recently joined forces with Christopher Ryan, Author of NYT Bestselling Book Sex at Dawn to create—a social network for global sex culture.

The Proof Is in the Pudding June 6, 2014