Lucid is Nona Fender of Bawdy Church September 24, 2015

Lucid has two personalities (at least.) She created her alternate persona Nona Fender so that she could express her East Coast rawness to her West Coast community. She came to Mission Control before Kinky Salon existed, has seen it blossom over the last 15 years, and has some great stories about her early days of exploring open sexuality. 

You can experience the rockstar Nona first hand with her vaudeville “rewilding” revival at Bawdy Church on Oct 16

Listen to the latest episode of Kinky Salon Confessions


Lucid is Nona Fender of Bawdy Church

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Polly Whittaker is a 21st century sex culture revolutionary. She has dedicated her life to sexually progressive community, as an acclaimed latex fashion designer, a creator of arty, sexy parties, and a spokesperson for sex culture. Born in London, England, in 1974, she is the daughter of a hot air balloon pilot and a sex therapist. She relocated to San Francisco—home of the sexual revolution—in 1999. Her award-winning event, Kinky Salon, takes place in a dozen cities across Europe and North America. She recently joined forces with Christopher Ryan, Author of NYT Bestselling Book Sex at Dawn to create—a social network for global sex culture.

Lucid is Nona Fender of Bawdy Church September 24, 2015