Ouchy the Clown November 7, 2015

Following the last episode’s introduction to the Porn Clown Posse, this time I’ve got Ouchy the Clown in an intimate tête-à-tête about his personal life. He’s an iconic character in San Francisco subculture, a loving father and husband, and a total perv. Apologies for the bad jokes and to the coulrophobic. 

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Ouchy the Clown

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Polly Whittaker is a 21st century sex culture revolutionary. She has dedicated her life to sexually progressive community, as an acclaimed latex fashion designer, a creator of arty, sexy parties, and a spokesperson for sex culture. Born in London, England, in 1974, she is the daughter of a hot air balloon pilot and a sex therapist. She relocated to San Francisco—home of the sexual revolution—in 1999. Her award-winning event, Kinky Salon, takes place in a dozen cities across Europe and North America. She recently joined forces with Christopher Ryan, Author of NYT Bestselling Book Sex at Dawn to create Kotango.com—a social network for global sex culture.

Ouchy the Clown November 7, 2015



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