Adrian from Berlin June 8, 2016

Adrian is a founding member of the core team at Kinky Salon Berlin. He’s one of those people who likes to deconstruct experiences and build new ones from the parts. He’s a thinker, a doer, and a true community builder, and having visited almost as many Kinky Salons as I have he has a unique perspective on the…

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In support of nightlife June 8, 2016

This story on gentrification in New York could be the same story in London, Berlin, Portland. Any of the Kinky Salon cities. Mission Control started it’s life on a grotty part of Mission Street 15 years ago and we watched as the neighborhood changed until we were finally evicted. Now we’ve taken up residence in a…

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Lucy and Phil in London May 24, 2016

In this episode I visit Lucy and Phil in London and we chat while their baby gurgles in the background. What a cutie! Great to hear from a couple with a young baby and how they navigate participating in the community. They are supporters of Kinky Salon London whose relationship and life has been transformed…

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Reid Mihalko, Sex Geek. March 15, 2016

On this episode I chat with Reid Mihalko, “America’s Favorite Sex Geek,” about his experiences in sex positive community and how Kinky Salon impacted his life. Are you curious how went from throwing orgies for his friends in his tiny New York apartment to teaching people how to have better sex lives? He tells all.…

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Kinky Salon New York December 19, 2015

  Kinky Salon New York Kinky Salon NYC has been going from strength to strength. There’s an awesome team out there making the magic happen and a sweet community vibe growing. They have a great regular venue- a gorgeous loft in Brooklyn- which is often the most difficult step in creating a Kinky Salon in…

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Heather in Seattle December 3, 2015

This episode is coming to you direct from Seattle where I just emceed the cabaret for the very first Kinky Salon Seattle! I talk to Heather, who was the instigator of the event, about the differences between Kinky Salons in London, Portland and Seattle, and her journey all the way from Barcelona. Listen to the…

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Christina is studying us! November 21, 2015

This episode things get super intellectual as I interview Christina Bazzaroni, the PhD (ABD) who is studying Kinky Salon. We started out being her lab rats but then she went native! She’s part of the team that set up Kinky Salon in New York and she’s been all over the world interviewing the community leaders…

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Ouchy the Clown November 7, 2015

Following the last episode’s introduction to the Porn Clown Posse, this time I’ve got Ouchy the Clown in an intimate tête-à-tête about his personal life. He’s an iconic character in San Francisco subculture, a loving father and husband, and a total perv. Apologies for the bad jokes and to the coulrophobic.  Listen to the latest episode…

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The Berlins October 23, 2015

Jessica and Brian Berlin have been regulars at Kinky Salon San Francisco forever. They’ve tried monogamy and polyamory and now they’ve got the perfect balance. Listen in on how they became a Kinky Salon power couple! Warning: it involves clowns.   Listen to the latest episode of Kinky Salon Confessions