Eric Barry from Full Disclosure October 9, 2015

Eric is a podcaster who lives in Chicago. He has an awesome podcast called Full Disclosure which you should totally check out. We talk about Chicago sex culture and how different it is from the Bay Area and in the end I think I convinced him to start a Kinky Salon out there. We’ll see! Listen…

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Lucid is Nona Fender of Bawdy Church September 24, 2015

Lucid has two personalities (at least.) She created her alternate persona Nona Fender so that she could express her East Coast rawness to her West Coast community. She came to Mission Control before Kinky Salon existed, has seen it blossom over the last 15 years, and has some great stories about her early days of exploring open…

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Will, my neighbor August 20, 2015

Will’s just your friendly average all American neighborhood perv. Come listen to his take on open relationships, being slutty, and looking for an LTCR. Listen to the latest episode of Kinky Salon Confessions

Club Kiss Is Back With a BANG! July 17, 2015

Club Kiss is my “Lifestyle” event. It’s a sexually progressive play party, with more of a heteronormative vibe than Kinky Salon. It’s consent based, bi friendly (including guys) and a bit too kinky for tradional swingers. The party went on a bit of a hiatus after we lost the Mission Control space. With my book, Kinky…

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Daniel July 16, 2015

This week’s podcast features Daniel, a local guy born in San Francisco and raised in Oakland. We talk about Bay Area life and what it’s like to be a Mexican Catholic who grows up to realize they want more than the cultural script that was handed to them. Listen to the latest episode of Kinky…

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Allison Moon July 3, 2015

Allison Moon is an amazing author of fabulous queer sex positive books. She’s also a sex educator who teaches people about how to navigate sexy spaces. She’s a veteran of Kinky Salon, and has all sorts of insights about queer vs hetero sex spaces. For those of you interested in more, you can follow Allison…

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The 7 Core Values of Kinky Salon June 19, 2015

PLAYFUL, SAFER, INCLUSIVE, CREATIVE, COMMUNITY SPIRITED, SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS, SEXUALLY PROGRESSIVE   PLAYFUL Humor is a vital component of every creative element of Kinky Salon. The cabaret is funny. Costumes are ridiculous. The music is upbeat and fun. The décor is colorful and silly. We combine all those factors to create a playful environment that is less intimidating…

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The Search for a Forever Home Continues June 5, 2015

Since we lost our home on Mission Street an awesome team of dedicated folks have continued, unceasingly, the search for a new forever home. Although social media might tell you that finding a space in the Bay Area is impossible, and that big business has pushed the arts and counter culture out completely, I wanted…

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Alex June 4, 2015

Alex’s story starts with monogamy and ends with sex parties. How did this man go from being your average guy to having his life completely transformed? Since his first event at Mission Control four years ago he now runs Open Relationship Unversity, the spiritual-sex party “Essence”, and regular monthly potlucks for the Open Relationship Community with…

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Kinky Salon Denver and An Audiobook Sample May 21, 2015

  Kinky Salon Denver  I’m excited to announce that there’s a new Kinky Salon opening! On August 8th it will be the inaugral event of Kinky Salon Denver. I met the team this weekend. They are wonderful people with lots of experience throwing sexy events. They have connections with Decompression, Gay Pride and the Kink…

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