Dear Mr Lietaer,
although I am not an academic, or an economist, I am inspired by your theory that our economy is a reflection of the repression of the Great Mother archetype in society. I have read your ‘Fairy Tales that could come true’ on, and I think they are absolute genius.

I am writing to you because I have a very different perspective from you and I think you might find it interesting. Like I said, I am not an academic- I barely finished school- but I have become a well respected community builder, event producer, instigator of creative culture, and a self appointed social scientist. My partner and I have spent the last seven years studying successful communities and what makes them tick. The simple answer is …(you know it already)- make it easy for people to share their stuff.
Which is economics, right? Haha
And that’s why I am emailing you!
We have a theory about modeling a new kind of trading/ gifting system, that’s based in the general idea of a LETS, but with a focus on creativity and creation, where value becomes a fluid concept, rather than a fixed price. It’s a way to get your practical needs met within a tough economy, but it also gives you the tools to instigate creative projects, giving you not only the means to exchange, but also the reason.

This isn’t just an abstract theory, but a fleshed out system which we have developed and tested in real communities. The system itself is as unexpected as the people who created it – it looks like a GAME. A really fun, compelling, creative, colorful game based in customizable trading cards. It’s cell phone enabled, connected to your social networks, and totally web 4.0. It gets people out in the world being creative, collaborating, and making stuff happen.
We think a system like this could change the world, unleashing a new social model of CREATOR CULTURE. We might be eternal optimists, or we might be right!
Would you be interested in meeting with us over coffee to talk about all this stuff? Our brains don’t work the way yours does, but we think they may be complimentary.

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