In 2009 Scott and I announced we were closing Mission Control. In the end it didn’t close, because an inspiring series of events lead to the community stepping up to take over running the place from us. But we got a lot of emails in that time expressing how people felt about closing. Here are a few of my favorites, for the archives:

“I’m really torn about this. It was the group of freaks orbiting around Mission Control that led me to start loving my life. It was never about a physical place itself as fantastic and beautiful as it is. It was the energy it contained. It was where I could hold court or the court could hold me. It has also been a source of stress, heartache and distraction from the dreams for two people I love dearly. We, the community of Mission Control will likely not be able to directly replace what we are losing, but we can go out and bring that little piece of Ridiculous Creative Joy to others.”

“I don’t think one can measure the amount of good you have done for the sex positive communities here in SF – the number of friendships and relationships that have been formed thanks to you is beyond measure. I feel the whole community, and indeed the the whole city owes you an enormous debt.”

“My sympathies. And congratulations! The biggest leaps forward I have ever made have been when I stopped holding tight to the things I thought defined me. I will miss Kinky Salon, but OH, the energy that’s about to be unleashed!!!!”

“thank you so much for everything you’ve done to create this community. you two are true superstars and i will always always always be grateful to you for the beauty and laughter and liberation you have fostered in my life”

“Thanks for bringing all of your creative energy to enhance and enlighten one of the greatest communities of self-expressed kinksters I’ve ever had the privilege to play with. “

“I have loved the spirit and community that has spawned from Mission control and you have truely created a great opening in the universe for expression, beauty and love.  Holding hope and prayers for and beautiful birthing of something new”

“My first reaction is “NO, NO, NO! it can’t be”. You have created a wonderful place and have cultivated a fantastic community and that will surely be missed. Even if someone does step in to take over, there is just no way that they will be able to fill your shoes, match your passion or come close to your creativity. I feel bad, because I am selfish and I don’t want it to be over.”

“On a personal level I am sad for the end of KS and MC as we know it…. It has been such a tremendous source of sustenance for me as I’ve transitioned to living in San Francisco. On the other hand, I’ve seen first-hand how much of a toll keeping things going has taken on both of you, and so I share the relief you spoke of in your email for your sakes. I’m excited for the possibilities of what each of you will be free to create next, both separately and together, and I know it will be amazing.”

“The sex positive communities of San Francisco owe you such a debt of gratitude, its almost beyond measure. I am not sure one could count the number of friendships and relationships that started at Mission Control thanks to you. Indeed it was at kinky salon that I met people who changed my life and opened my eyes to what I now think San Francisco is all about. Thank you SO MUCH for everything!!”

“I just looked at my personal email for the first time today and read
the news, and all the responses.  Wow.  The heartfelt replies
brought me some smiles and quickly reminded me that more beauty, love,
and fun are in store through out the transition as well as afterwards.
MC has meant so much, to so many.”

“Mission Control, and more importantly, all of the people that make it what it is, truly changed our lives in San Francisco. We were busy searching for our
community and we found it the minute we walked into that amazing space. I have no doubts that the spirit of mission control will live on”

“I am very proud of you both for having the courage and honesty to admit what you need, and excited to see what you will do with your newly-liberated finances and energy.  I know you have other projects that have been chomping at the bit to move forward, and it will be great to see you be able to put more of yourselves into the things you love.  As witnesses to this brave step forward, your community will be inspired to do the same.”

“Walking up the stairs into MC has become a bit cathartic for me of late…it didn’t take this news to have me appreciate the world I step into when I pass through the gate.”


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