A few weeks ago a journalist from the East Bay Express interviewed me for an article on Polyamory. We sat and chatted over tea, putting the world to rights and talking about The Bigger Picture- how I see Polyamory and Sex Postivity as really great ways to learn about yourself, become a better person, and ultimately to be able to relate to the world in a more healthy way. The sexy parties that we throw at Mission Control are not just a hedonistic, narcissistic free fall into the apocalypse- although they might sometimes look that way from the outside. In a world that can be pretty scary and lonely, our events harness community spirit, foster connectedness and create real intimacy for hundreds of consenting adults every month.

The article ended up being interesting, but it’s pretty basic and one dimensional. I guess it’s a lot to ask to expect a mainstream newspaper to do anything more than that. She describes me as a ‘Johnny Appleseed’ which I think is hilarious. It conjures a picture of me spraying my polyamorous seed across America. LOL.

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