Please don’t mistake my support for sex positive culture and alternative lifestyle as a lack of morality. In fact it’s quite the opposite. I have a set of personal ethics and a moral code which I take extremely seriously.

So who are the Moral Minority? They are the people who try to live ethical lives using their own self defined moral structures. They don’t subscribe to religions or self-help gurus or cults. They make it up as they go along. Then they *create* cults. Only joking. In all seriousness, folks, I would love it if this post inspired you to write down yours.  I have found that people who create their own moral structures, rather than relying on their culture or religion to tell them what to do, tend to be more invested in their own sense of morality.

Here’s mine:

“I believe in equal rights and personal freedom, and support everyone in creating lives which make them happy. I’m anti-censorship -although I’m confused why there is so much gratuitous violence in movies and TV and in general I choose to avoid it. I think art is the most powerful tool for evolving culture. I think our money systems are the root of most of our global problems. And I think that sex is good for you.”

As a side note: Western culture was built on the premise that sex is dangerous and distracting, so should only be considered as an option when you’re making babies. And even then it should be done behind closed doors, in missionary position, and you should probably feel terrible about it afterwards. The sexual revolution of the last 100 years has shifted that, and nowadays there’s a Victoria’s Secret in every mall selling lacy lingerie to housewives all across America looking to spice up their love lives. Oprah tells us we should have healthy sex lives. Dr Phil agrees. Middle America might still be wracked with guilt, but the coasts have pretty much accepted that sex is fucking awesome. My life has been dedicated to spreading this message. I would like to spend more of my time supporting the other points in my personal manifesto, but there are only so many hours in the day. If you hear of any opportunities in sex positive, equal rights, anti-censorship, alternative currency art projects please do let me know.



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