When I first moved to San Francisco and started up my latex fashion business, it wasn’t easy. I was young and had no idea what I was doing. There were a few people who made a huge difference to me, and one of them was Mistress Antoinette. A fabulously eccentric character, she took me under her wing and gave me my first big break. I headlined her ‘Dressed to Thrill’ ball in Las Vegas alongside a fledgling Dita Von Teese.

She’s the founder of Versatile Fashions, producer of the Dressed to Thrill Ball, creator of the magazine “Reflections” (a BnD magazine), and writer of the memoir “Tied Up With Love. An amazing fashion designer, event producer and writer, she inspired me to bigger things, and made me believe it was possible.

She was recently diagnosed with Alzheimers.

She spent the last of her savings nursing her lifelong partner Master Zorro, who died in 2006. Being one of those people who always lived her life creatively, making sacrifices for others, and living outside the box, means that she doesn’t have the best health insurance.  I only hope that when I grow old as disgracefully as Antoinette has, there will be people who appreciate what I did with my life as much as I appreciate her.

Alzheimers is scary, and it runs in my family too.

As it says on the funding page “LET’S KEEP JEANETTE’s beautiful memories INTACT!”

Please help this beautiful lady who changed so many people’s lives, including mine!


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