It’s pretty clear to me that St Valentines Day, with its Hallmark pressures and bizarre catholic undertones is just a pagan ritual we, as a culture, didn’t want to let go of. Why is it that at this time of year we feel such a powerful urge to express love? It’s a Northern Hemisphere thing so I’ll assume it has something to do with winter coming to a close and the light re-emerging. Hope for a new year. But let’s face it, our ancient counterparts probably spent the whole of winter locked up in their turf covered houses with their nearest and dearest, boning in front of an open fire. There’s not much else to do in the heart of winter.

So Valentine’s Day isn’t just about sex. It’s not about fertility and making babies with your partner. That’s what Winter’s for. Valentines Day is about getting out of your hut, and meeting new people. It’s the time when we blinkingly re-emerge from our winter cocoon and start being social again. I don’t know about you, but I hermit every winter. Coming back out can be tricky. I’m like the groundhog who’s supposed to tell us winter is over, but doesn’t want to come out of his hidey hole.

But I can’t avoid the season forever. Even in a town where winter never really happened. Maybe that makes it even tougher to admit it’s getting close to spring already.

Writing a book is perhaps the most solitary job in the world. Apart from the guy who works the weather station in Antarctic. I’ve been hiding, but now it’s time to share my love letter. If I seem weird or distant, it’s because opening up and telling this story is the most vulnerable thing I’ve ever done. It makes me hella wiggly. But the book is a love letter to YOU. The Mission Control community. The place where I’ve found more love and support than anywhere else in my life.  You crazy pleasure seekers. You pioneers of love! I can’t wait to celebrate with you….

P.S. I never get cards. Someone send me a frickin’ card!!!!! :p

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