Four years ago I made a plan. Write a book, and expand Kinky Salon into new cities. As I send the book to print, I’m working with the hosts of Kinky Salon London, Copenhagen, Berlin, New Orleans, Portland and New York to create a solid structure for the expansion of the global Kinky Salon movement. It’s been a long haul, but these goals are finally coming into alignment.
I think the world is ready for Kinky Salon–a place where community and creativity are integrated with sexuality. I’m ready to expose my personal story–to get on that empty dancefloor and dance like nobody’s watching–so other people feel like they can do it too.
It’s gonna be a helluva party and you’re all invited!

An Excerpt from the Book

Sex is a means of self-expression that operates on many different levels. It can be physical, energetic, spiritual, and intellectual. To me, this makes it art. And making art is like having sex with the universe.

I am an antenna. Every cell in my body, every fiber of my muscles, is a tool for communication. It’s not just how I express who I am, it’s how I discover who I am. I stand on the hilltop, like Sutro Tower—San Francisco’s iconic retro landmark of the golden age of television—beaming my transmission to the world.

“Every society and individual has an origin myth, and I’m dying to know what confluence of Earthly and mystical forces could have possibly resulted in Polly Superstar.”
Christopher Ryan, Ph.D —Sex At Dawn

Call for Participation

I’m creating a video to help promote the book and the global Kinky Salons. You can participate from your home with your webcam.  We’ll ask you to read something to the camera. Then we have a bunch of silly things we want you to do. Make a heart shape with your hands, show us your underwear. Stuff like that. Then we’ll edit them all together into a super inspiring sex culture manifesto which communicates the ethos of Kinky Salon, and our ridiculous sense of humor.
Shoot me an email and let me know if you want to take part in this fun poject, and help us reach new audiences. All shapes, sizes, colors and genders welcome.
Thanks for Reading
I’ll be sending out these installments every couple of weeks, letting you know all the latest news about the book launch, and the expansion of the global Kinky Salon movement. Plus if I come across interesting sex culture commentary on the interwebs I’ll pass it along.


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