It’s pretty amazing to live in a country that was founded on the right to be happy. As people celebrate with barbecues and beer, I’m spending my weekend making pink latex book covers for the Kickstarter rewards that will be shipped next week, and that makes me pretty happy.
Last week I checked out the space where I’m going to host my book launch party in October and it’s fabulous. You’re going to love it. It’s a brand new venue that nobody has seen yet, and it’s super glamorous.
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An Excerpt from the Book

“When I was eleven years old I started a new school. I remember looking around the site at the gymnasium and the tennis courts. There was an ancient vaulted assembly hall with the names of honored students from eons past etched on plaques. The library was vast and silent, with students dressed in identical uniforms studiously scribbling in books. As we entered the central courtyard at the heart of the institution I remember asking the teacher who was showing us around, “Excuse me, where is the playground?”
“We don’t have a playground,” she replied.
“Can we just play here in the courtyard?” I asked, innocently.
“No. The courtyard is a place for quiet conversations only.”
She paused and looked at me sternly. “Young lady, your time
for playing is over.”
I was mortified. No playground? No playing? What kind of monstrous place was this? I went home and complained to my mother, but she repeated the crushingly depressing reality the teacher had said: I was a grown up now, going to big school. Games and toys were a thing of the past. There would be no more play.”

Say What?

“Dear Sister Polly, we have traveled similar paths in our search for sexual expression always with the desire to improve people’s lives. I’m still expanding the Sexual Sisterhood in NYC by creating an army of Orgasmic Bodysex Women who I’ll circle the globe with the good news: Sexual pleasure is the most healing energy available. Come join us anytime.”
Betty A. Dodson

Call for Participation

We’re creating a video to help promote the global Kinky Salons. You can participate from your home with your webcam.  We’ll ask you to read something to the camera. Then we have a bunch of silly things we want you to do. Make a heart shape with your hands, show us your underwear. Stuff like that. Then we’ll edit them all together into a super inspiring sex culture manifesto which communicates the ethos of Kinky Salon, and our ridiculous sense of humor.


On the interwebs

While I understand that Dan Savage can be a controversial figure, I enjoyed this interview on gender politics. The bisexual statistics were particularly interesting to me. Apparently “there are three times as many bisexual people as gays and lesbians combined” and “70% and more of all bi people closeted.”

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