The book is officially launching at the end of September, but you special people can already BUY THE BOOK before it’s available to the general public.
I’ve scheduled a bunch of events around the launch and I’m available for more! Check out my crazy schedule and come out and see me. Make sure you save the date for Saturday October 4th. I’m hosting a massive spectacle at a super glamorous venue for my book launch, and you’re all invited.
Watch this space for all the info coming soon.
And don’t forget… if you’ve read my book, please leave a review! Every time someone gives me 5 stars on Amazon it boosts my ratings and gets the book more visible.

An Excerpt from the Book

photo“Both Scott and I love to build altars. I’d done it since my teen years. Not because I followed a religion or a specific tradition, but because I had an intuitive urge to put precious things, which held memories or meaning, on display. These displays remind me of concepts like love, community, and gratitude, and they keep me on track with my goals. We had a goddess statue in the hallway of Mission Control, which I painstakingly covered in tiny plastic rhinestones, perched within folds of fabric and flowers. A huge carved tiki, on permanent loan from a friendly art collector, stood guard in the bar, teeth exposed in a wide smile.”

Say What?

“When the “cloud” is swept away in the threatening storm arising now, and all digital knowledge is lost as so much was lost in the great Alexandria fire, your book will be dug from the ashes and a young girl will read it and become herself. “
John Law

On the Interwebs

The #WomenAgainstFeminism reaction to #YesAllWomen is difficult to stomach. Women are posting images to their social networks with, the shockingly common misconception that feminists think women are superior to men. Just to be clear, we all know here that feminists just want equality, not to be the great overlord, right? A twitter account has opened up in response to the argument and it’s called @NoToFeminism. It’s a hilarious, satirical take on a depressing reality, and provides some much needed humor.
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