There’s sooooo much happening at the book launch party it’s going to be quite the spectacle. Don’t expect readings or traditional book launch activities. This is a celebration and a rally for sex culture.


Join Polly and her co-conspirators at this VICTORY event, celebrating the launch of her memoir Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary.Conspire with the revolutionaries of sex culture in an evening of renegade performances, rousing speeches, rebellious readings, and riotous revolutionary rhetoric!

RECLAIM your right to be a pervert
SMASH any idea that you aren’t a gorgeous manifestation of creation who deserves to be loved
WALK OUT and join the ironic sidewalk strike against righteousness
SIT IN on the tea party and enjoy a nice cuppa
… and let’s BURN THE BOOK in memory of all the books that have been burned out of fear of change.
Playing revolutionary songs to make your bum wiggle
Pounding drums and causing a ruckus
Raising awareness with low-brow sacred shenanigans
Pushing our boundaries with “performance art”
An anonymous missive from “Legion”
Recording live, capturing the evening with interviews and commentary
The DJ who makes everything Bounce
Super-Shakti Tea Ceremony

And that’s not all!

For those of you looking for a more traditional book launch party I’ll be hosting a book reading with interactive discussions and a conversation with Carol Queen at the Center for Sex and Culture on Sunday Nov 8th. Watch this space for more details.
Have you always wanted to hear the deeper story of the sexual revolution? Carol and Polly are multi-generational sex culture revolutionaries and they want to share their personal stories with you. Come and participate in an interactive evening of storytelling, questioning and presentations. Leave with a complete picture of where sex culture has been, and where it’s going. Come armed with curiosity and prepare to be surprised.

Say What?

“So real, so raw, so revolutionary. A wonderful, beautifully written memoir”
Susan M Block, The Dr Susan Block Institute

On the Interwebs

There’s been lots of press about Kinky Salon and the book recently! A very thoughtful and analytical article was written in The Atlantic, a review of the book was included in The Sex Issue of SFBG, and I was a guest on Dan Savage’s Savage Love column! I’m excited to see where it all goes from here.
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