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Good Reads

If you want to support the Sex Culture Revolution there’s an easy way to do it in just a few clicks. Goodreads is a social networking website for readers, and it’s a great place for me to promote the book. You can go to the book page and hit 5 stars. Then go to my author page and become a “fan.” These two fast and easy clicks will help make the book more visible on the site. If you have a little more time you can leave a review, or “recommend this book” if you have particular friends you think might enjoy it.
There’s also a reader Q&A on my author page if you want to ask me a question about the book.

Read This Article

I met Merissa Gerson at an open house event at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Annie Sprinkle was hosting the party and she invited me to come and celebrate the new graduates of their Sexology Ph.D. I didn’t know who Merissa was, but we hit it off immediately and started talking about Kinky Salon and the book. She told me that she was a journalist and that she wanted to write a story about me. I had no idea it would be for national news! The article focuses on the safety and consent at Kinky Salon and even quotes the likes of Carol Queen and Chris Ryan!

Say What?

“Polly’s life is clearly one of adventure, love and the ongoing work of helping to liberate and connect her fellow humans. Monogamy, while possibly the right thing for some, is clearly not suited for all. Western culture is in the early throws of reacquainting itself with this age old truth. Polly’s story should prove to be an inspiration and a touch-stone for those who feel constricted by the ill fitting togs of conformity and wish more than anything to free themselves to love and live more.”
John Law, Co Founder of the Cacophony Society and Burning Man

On the Interwebs

As we move into October, let’s focus on the question everyone is asking “is your Halloween costume racist?” Well, here’s a handy dandy guide to tell you whether or not you’re perpetuating racism with your costume choices.
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