I moved to America in September 1999. By the time Thanksgiving rolled around I knew I was home. This holiday is different for me. It’s not about going home and spending time with relatives, and it’s not about dubious historical references. The idea of a holiday where people openly express their gratitude was never a part of my childhood. It’s not very British. For me, Thanksgiving is about finding my home, and my chosen family. It’s my American holiday. Although I try to be grateful every day, for one day of the year I feel surrounded and engulfed with it.

I can’t even begin to name names of the people who I am grateful for this year, because the world swelled up and supported me in a way I have never experienced before. I was emotionally held by friends, I was financially supported by kickstarter backers, and I was creatively supported by the volunteers at Mission Control and the local Kinky Salon chapters. As a stiff upper lip Londoner, allowing people to help has been the most frightening and rewarding experience of my life. My heart has opened and my life has become infinitely more fulfilling and productive.

I’ve always expressed my gratitude to my close friends–the people who really know me–but this year I feel grateful in a whole new way to the larger bubble of people who surround me. There are so many people now playing roles in this community whose participation adds it’s magic. From the bartender at Kinky Salon Copenhagen, to the person who took out the trash in Portland, to every single person who read my book. I have so much gratitude it’s overwhelming sometimes to think about.

So this year I’m putting out a special shout to all the people at the far reaches of this incredible labyrinth of experience called Kinky Salon.

I see you, and I love you. Thank you for everything you do.



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