NEWYEARWhat an incredible year it’s been for this lil revolutionary! 2014 was a year of opportunities: We unveiled two new Kinky Salons in New Orleans and Portland, and watched them flourish; A dedicated team helped Mission Control survive it’s eviction; I reached out for support and found it with a kickstarter that knocked my socks off; I published my book and people like it! I’m a little blown away by the 50+ five star reviews on Amazon, each one is so thoughtful and touching. I feel humbled that my story has been so well recieved. On a personal note, 2014 was, for me, about healing. I took care of myself in a way I never have before. I started saying no to toxic behavior and old patterns, I created boundaries in ways I have never been brave enough to do before, and I learned a lot about myself. I felt simulateously more alone and isolated than I ever have, while also experiencing a depth of connection with my community that I never dreamed possible.This year has been a story of success and accomplishment for the Kinky Salon community and the Sex Culture Revolution. I couldn’t have done it without your love and support.I’m ready for 2015, the year of YES.

Sex Culture Book Fair

The Sex Culture Book Fair is a celebration of two of my favorite things: SEX and BOOKS! I’m super excited to be hosting this awesome event.
This is not a typical book fair. With saucy demos, risque readings and scandalous socializing, this is the sexiest book fair in town.
Sex culture means more than just erotica. Although there will be plenty of raunchy fiction, x-rated art, and pervy storytelling, we’ll also be delving into a more cerebral look at sexuality with sex positive writing, political manifestos and LGBTQ perspectives.
The Sex Culture Book Fair is a collaboration between Adobe Books and Arts Cooperative, Belle SF magazine, and Mission Control sex positive social club. Together they will present the past present and future of publishing and sex with a line up of presenters, readers, storytellers, and demonstrations.

Write a review!

I can’t emphasise how helpful it is for me to get Amazon reviews. Independent publishing is incredibly challenging and I need all the help I can get to become more visible in the avalanche of books available. Even if it’s just one sentence saying you enjoyed the book, it will help push me up in the Amazon algorithms. THANK YOU to all the people who have already posted their reviews! I’m looking pretty good with 54 five star reviews, but I’d like to make it to 100. Help me reach my goal by writing a review now!

On the interwebs

The internet is always full of articles about finding love. Most of the time they are old paradigm, sexist nonsense. This article tickled me this week because it’s so well written, and it’s full of humor. It doesn’t tell you how to find love, it tells you how to be strong and single.
“In order to tell tepid to fuck off once and for all, you MUST recognize that life among those who don’t appreciate or understand you is bullshit. You don’t want to live that way.” Amen.
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