I’m ready to let the world know about what we’ve been up to in this little sex culture bubble of ours. I want to shout it from the rooftops! But that’s rather impractical, so instead I’m going to start a Podcast and a YouTube channel.
On Kinky Salon Confessions you’ll be able to hear real stories of love, heartbreak, sexual liberation and personal and social transformation. I’ll be interviewing people as I travel, collecting their stories, and beaming them out to the world. If you have a good story to share, please let me know.
On the Sex Culture Revolutionary YouTube channel I’ll be posting a video diary of my adventures. You’ll be able to meet the awesome people from Kinky Salons across the world, I’ll let you into my private thoughts and hopes, I’m sure there will be lots about costumes and make up, I’ll interview cool people, I’ll do some readings from the book…
Video Diary is the new Selfie!
I’m launching a crowd funding campaign soon to support all this work. I’ll be doing a Patreon, which is like Kickstarter but for ongoing projects rather than finite goals. The rewards are going to be sick! How about never paying for a Kinky Salon ticket again? Or the chance to swan into sold out parties anytime you want? You know you need that! I’ll send you all the juicy details on that as soon as I have them.
The Kinky Salon Tour Spring 2015


I’m thrilled to announce the long-anticipated Kinky Salon tour! I’ll be hitting the road, travelling with a crew of Kinky Salon folks from all over the world, going from one city to the next, learning from the locals about each Kinky Salon.
We’ve been watching these communities grow from afar, but there’s nothing like being there in the flesh. This trip is about connecting the dots, cross pollinating, and building global community.
You should come too. I’m serious. We’re flying into London on March 19th, over to Copenhagen on the 26th, to Berlin on April 1st, and out on April 8th. I’ll post more details about themes and ticket links for the parties soon.
We’ve scheduled four Kinky Salons over four Saturday nights in Los Angeles, London, Copenhagen and Berlin. Join us for one, or for all four! It’s going to be an epic adventure…

4 cities, 4 Saturdays, 4 Kinky Salons!

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 7.57.37 PM
Los Angeles, Saturday March 14 The first stop on the tour is the inaugural event of Kinky Salon Los Angeles!
Screenshot 2015-01-06 17.07.27
London, Saturday March 21 Stop number two is the five year anniversary of London's Kinky Salon
Screenshot 2015-01-06 17.07.02
Copenhagen, Saturday March 28
Screenshot 2015-01-06 17.06.39
Berlin, Saturday April 4


Sex Culture Book Fair ROCKED!
When you put the words SEX, CULTURE, and BOOKS together it makes me feel all tingly in my trouser department. Last weekend I hosted the Sex Culture Book Fair and experienced some serious vocational arousal. You can read all about my experience and check out the photos on my blog. A big shout out to Mission Control, Belle SF Magazine, and Adobe Books for helping make it all happen. We had some great panel discussions, some kinky demos, and tons of authors and publishers to chat with. The day went so fast it was a flurry of amazing connections, super interesting people, and good times. Watch out, we’re planning on doing it again next year.
On the interwebs
This image wins the internet this week:
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P.S.Check out my website at www.sexculturerevolutionary.com



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