Now it’s easy to let the world know that YOU are a SEX CULTURE REVOLUTIONARY. But there’s a caveat! This awesome T-shirt will only be printed if I can get an order of at least 50 shirts in the next 10 days!  So don’t delay.
This new logo was created by Craig Feinberg, Creative Director of Begson in Los Angeles. He did it because he’s inspired by the vision of Kinky Salon and wanted to give us some love. Craig’s background includes Taschen, Bennetton, Fabrica, and Begsonland. You can see more of his work here:
He’s kind of a big deal! And he’s adding this beauty to his portfolio, which means random awesome people who would never otherwise see it will see it, and it will become a famous, iconic symbol of our generation! Maybe. Either way it’s still a cool shirt. Screen printed by genuine bona fide perverts right here in Oakland California! You know you want it.
Plus all the money raised goes towards supporting the INTERNATIONAL KINKY SALON MOVEMENT.
MOAR products coming soon (you know we need panties and manties) but not unless you tilt this bitch, so buy your T-shirt NOW!

Kinky Salon Confessions Podcast

Welcome to the SECOND episode of Kinky Salon Confessions. Now available on iTunes, Stitcher,, and Tune In! Please have a listen and don’t forget to rate the show to help it get better visibility!
In this episode I talk to Dan and Nicole in Portland. You can listen in on my conversation with these long time Kinky Salon peeps talking about negotiating open relationships, and being in love with a whole community.
If you have some great stories to share about your experiences at Kinky Salon and the surrounding culture please let me know! I’m looking for heartfelt realness rather than titillating tales 🙂

Take This Shit to the next Level

The Patreon campaign has
launched! You can help support the vision of having Kinky Salons all over the world and spread to the Sex Culture Revolution. Patreon is like Kickstarter but for ongoing projects. You give a set amount (like $1) each month, and that helps create a stable income I can count on. Plus there are some awesome rewards! Watch the video. It’s Hi-larious.

Club Kiss Relaunch March 7

Club Kiss, Kinky Salon’s sister club, has been on hiatus since the loss of Mission Control. On March 7th it will be relaunching with a huge party at Danzhaus. If you’re looking for a more hetero-couple-oriented event with less costumes and pagentry-but still lot’s of style- then Club Kiss might be the place for you.
Kiss has been San Francisco’s favorite spot for modern couples looking to add a little vavoom to their social lives since 2005. With a sophisticated social scene as well as a steamy playspace, it stands apart from swinger parties with its zero pressure, relaxed atmosphere and hot, intelligent, vetted crowd. Guests come to meet other couples, or just to check out the scene. It can be flirtatious, and it can be downright scandalous at Club Kiss.
  • Gender balance is slightly more women than men.
  • Rich, fun, flirty social scene. Getting laid is only part of it.
  • No pressure to interact sexually with other couples.
  • House rules and monitors mean a safe space.
  • Concierge for single women keeps them protected.
  • Zero tolerance for intolerance. Bi friendly.
Until next time,
P.S.Check out my website at

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