This newsletter comes to you from the chaos of preparing for the Kinky Salon world tour so I’m doing it in bullet points to save time.
  • The T-Shirt campaign was successful and in a few short weeks there will be 53 Sex Culture Revolutionaries walking around evanglizing from their chests! Yippee!
  • There’s a new Sex Culture Revolutionaries facebook group for activists, educators and artists working in the realm of sexuality. You should join.
  • We ramp up for the Kinky Salon 12 Year Anniversary. Holy shit has it really been that long?
  • The big Club Kiss relaunch is happening on March 7th. Don’t miss it.
  • If you have Amazon Prime and a Kindle, my book is now available FREE in the Kindle Lending Library.
  • I was on Forum on KQED which was super duper exciting. Follow the link to listen in.
PHEW. That’s it for now folks. Next time you hear from me I’ll be getting on a plane!

Kinky Salon Confessions Podcast

In this THIRD episode of Kinky Salon Confessions I wanted to get a perspective from someone totally new, so I talked to a total Kinky Salon newbie. Katie’s only been to one Kinky Salon, even though she thought she’d been to two we figured out during the show her first event was actually a Mission Control party. Listen in to her story, about how much she loved the environment, and about the challenges she faced. Then we end with a rant about hairy pussy.
Available on iTunes, Stitcher,, and Tune In! Please don’t forget to rate the show to help it get better visibility!
If you have some great stories to share about your experiences at Kinky Salon and the surrounding culture please let me know! I’m looking for heartfelt realness rather than titillating tales 🙂

Take This Shit to the next Level

The Patreon campaign is going strong, and YOU can help support the vision of having Kinky Salons all over the world and spread to the Sex Culture Revolution. Patreon is like Kickstarter but for ongoing projects. You give a set amount (like $1) each month, and that helps create a stable income I can count on. Plus there are some awesome rewards! Watch the video. It’s Hi-larious.

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