venuesHello from Copenhagen!
I’ve been on such amazing adventures and it’s pretty clear to me at this point that the biggest challenge new Kinky Salon’s face is finding a venue. I’ve been to four cities in the last two weeks and seen first hand that the success of the event is defined by their ability to find a home. Here’s the lowdown of the places I’ve seen so far:

LOS ANGELES: The team in LA has a great venue called the Syrup Loft. It’s already established as a groovy event space with tons of awesome arty things happening. The Syrup Lounge (pictured left) is a gorgeous room with a bohemian vibe perfect for lounging and flirting. The inaugural Kinky Salon in LA went off with a bang in part because the venue was so perfect. It’s the kind of place that we can improve over time, adding décor and perfecting the vibe.

NEW YORK: Our NYC contingent has been struggling with some serious venue problems. Their last party was canceled the day of the event because of unresolvable complications with the venue. They’ve been scouring the neighborhood for a new home since December. While I was there I got to see the new venue they just signed a deal with. It’s a classic Brooklyn loft with a big open main space, brick walls and hardwood floors. It also has two small rooms that will be perfect for play spaces, and we’ll curtain an area off to make the fungeon. It’ll take some work, but it’s a gorgeous loft.

LONDON: The team in London celebrated their five-year anniversary while I was in town. The party was huge, with over 300 people in attendance. Their venue is in the trendy neighborhood of Homerton, and it’s a big empty space that they can configure to their needs. It’s a lot of work to start with a blank canvas, but the London team has great volunteer support, using 60 volunteers for each event! They produced tons of custom décor to make the party feel special, and even built a custom ball pit. They have eight storage containers to store all the beds and décor materials for the event that they truck in for every party. It’s a feat of organizing and a lot of work, but they’re looking for a permanent home.

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