Club Kiss is my “Lifestyle” event. It’s a sexually progressive play party, with more of a heteronormative vibe than Kinky Salon. It’s consent based, bi friendly (including guys) and a bit too kinky for tradional swingers. The party went on a bit of a hiatus after we lost the Mission Control space. With my book, Kinky Salon and the world tour I didn’t have time to keep it up.
That all changed a few months ago when I started working with Ben Fuller from Bronze. He’s a big fan of the community, and brought much needed life and energy into the mix, helping to start it up again. We’ve been throwing some kick ass parties together for the last few months and we’ve decided to make it official. We’ve made a commitment to throw monthly events once the new space opens, and in the meantime we’ve got asummer party planned at SPACE and a massive Halloween spectacle on October 24th at Danzhaus.
Club Kiss is back with a BANG. I’m the Creative Director, and I now have an awesome Production Manager at the helm. We’re a great team and I’m looking forward to all the crazy parties we’re going to throw together.

Sex Culture Revolutionary T-Shirts ONLY SIX MORE DAYS!

I’m selling T-shirts via a TILT campaign to support all the work that’s happening around here, and they’re only available for six more days! Please support the Sex Culture Revolution by getting yourself one of these AWESOME T-shirts. Buy one for a friend 🙂
The campaign is for a limited time, so if you don’t buy one now you might miss your chance, and the T-shirts only get made if there’s a minimum order of 50.

Mystic Midway Indie Go Go

Help support the work of the creative genius who was my partner for a decade! He’s taking his work to Burning Man and is raising money to make it happen. Kinky Salon has been so intertwined with the Mystic Midway it’s like a double helix. If you love Kinky Salon you’ll love this project!

Kinky Salon Confessions Podcast

This week’s podcast features Daniel, a local guy born in San Francisco and raised in Oakland. We talk about Bay Area life and what it’s like to be a Mexican Catholic who grows up to realize they want more from relationships than the cultural script handed to them.
Available on iTunes, Stitcher,, and Tune In! Please don’t forget to rate the show to help it get better visibility!
If you have some great stories to share about your experiences at Kinky Salon and the surrounding culture please let me know! I’m looking for heartfelt realness rather than titillating tales 🙂

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