multimedia artist, performer, author, and provocateur



Polly’s work is a celebration of human sexuality, pleasure, empowerment, and experimentation and her expansive oeuvre includes sculpture, immersive spaces, and performances. 

Her sex-positive counter-culture creations marry erotica, sculpture, and performance in a uniquely inviting and comical manner, allowing her artistically conceived experiences to evoke connection, pleasure, and expression for her audience, all the while generating open discussion about inclusivity, as well as the parameters of sexuality and choice.

“I am inspired by movements; communities of artists and thinkers working together to create theatre, art, music, writing, and performance to express the pure, unapologetic spirit of their lifestyles.” 


I am motivated by the desire to create transformational experiences that remove the line between audience and artist, immersing everyone involved in a deeply personal yet shared adventure. Simultaneously taboo and intimate, sexuality powerfully and viscerally affects our consciousness and therefore provides the perfect context for such experiences.


Kinky Salon Logo

I hope that everyone who attends a Kinky Salon experiences a shift in their consciousness, or learns something new about themselves. Perhaps they release a long-held perspective about gender or sexuality, or they just let their hair down enough to feel a sense of liberation. I want to create a space that feels safe, fun, and different enough from everyday life that people explore outside their comfort zone.



I have left all corporate social media. Text is the best way to contact me and stay updated on my news